Laboratory Island Table & Wall Bench

Laboratory Island Table

  • Completely made of 1.0 mm minimum, SS or Cold rolled steel with epoxy powder coating 50-60 micron. Foam sheet filled in shutter gaps is not allowed. The sound suppressor plastic bumpers to be used to minimize banging noise while closing the shutter. The entire module is bolted for high corrosion resistance. Welding of modules is not acceptable. The shutters should be mounted to the modules by hinges and handles (made of SS 304) which are open able to 95 degree & self-closing on return. Lockable roller bearing must be used so that the drawer will not fall. The telescopic drawer slides soft and self-close which should be very sturdy & able to take load of 35(+/-5) kg. Latching System for the Cabinet doors
  • Made of 17 to 19mm thick Jet Black Granite top with Chamfer molding at the front For Wet, Packing and Instrument Lab
  • Made of 17 to 19mm thick Trespass work Top with Chamfer molding at the front For Micro lab1 and Micro Lab2 Quantity as per layout
  • Reagent Rack : Two tier structure, switch (MCB) & sockets with wiring, two adjustable shelves with Jet Black Granite 17 to 19 mm with folded upright border at the edges (17 to 19 mm thick).
  • Quantity as per layout

Laboratory Wall Bench

  • Modular lab table: Size Customized or as requirement
  • Made out of SS/MS Sheet with Powder Coated one Drawer & two shutters base 0.8mm, drawer, 1mm thick locker shelves.
  • Top should be made of black granite with polished edges and mounted on pipe legs
  • Top to be made of & Fixing. Reagent with Double stack shelves to be of complete modular design consisting of horizontal 2 stage storage shelves in SS/CRCA sheet.
  • Raceway for Provision of Electrical Points.
  • Relevant legs space